It's time to get your customer service to the next level using WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Business API powers your customer service. You can connect with millions of customers on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way.


Adereso Helpdesk integrates with WhatsApp Business API

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    Centralizes messages and automates ticket routing

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    A single official number for all your agents

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    Build personalized messages and schedule message delivery

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    Power your customer service using chatbots in Whatsapp

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    Create quick and automatic responses

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    Send proactive messages

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    Compliance with GDPR


Serve all your customers with a single WhatsApp number

Once your WhatsApp Business API number is approved by Facebook, you can serve simultaneously all your customers in one place, and send them proactively template messages.


Integrate Chatbots to WhatsApp and improve your time response

Increase productivity automating up to 70% of ticket resolution using AI. The rest will be intelligently assigned to the best agents available in Adereso Helpdesk.


Global brands trust us



How to get a WhatsApp Business API number?

You must meet Facebook requirements: a WhatsApp Business App number, a brand name to be associated to the Whatsapp Business API account, brand contact information, a Facebook Business Manager ID, and valid credit card.
Request for approval and pay a USD $50 one-time fee charged by a Facebook Partner
Wait 1-2 weeks for verification and approval from Facebook
Request number activation in Adereso Helpdesk.
Create template messages and request approval from Facebook.

What are the benefits of using a WhatsApp Business API number?

In the following blog you can read everything about it: WhatsApp Business API blog.

How long does WhatsApp Business API number approval take?

Facebook approval can take between 1 and 2 weeks, during this period Facebook evaluates the following:
- WhatsApp Business number is valid.
- Account name.
- Compliance with WhatsApp commercial policies.

What happens with the USD $50 one-time fee if my account is declined?

There is no refund, the Facebook Partner charges USD $50 regardless the number is approved or not.

What happens if my account name is rejected?

In case of being rejected you will be notified by email and you will be asked to change it, the name can only be modified three times, otherwise the number will be blocked. To make the name change you can see the following information.

If my number has been approved and is in use in WhatsApp Business App, what I can do?

The number approved for WhatsApp Business API cannot in use by another WhatsApp application at the time of activation (it is allowed to use a landline number). In case the number is in use in WhatsApp Business App, it must be migrated. To do the migration process, see the following information.

What happens if my application to Whatsapp Business API number is rejected?

Unfortunately, the decision does not depend on Adereso Helpdesk. Rejection is determined by the policies of WhatsApp and Facebook.

What´s an Active User Conversation? (AUC)

Active User Conversation (AUC) is any number of sent or received messages (subject to fair use policy) or events between a unique end-user and a Adereso Helpdesk or a Chatbot.

How many AUC include my subscription plan?

Pro and Enterprise subscription plans include 1,000 conversations a month.
Additional AUC can be added depending on your needs:
- Up to 10,000 AUC: USD $ 300 USD / Month.
- Up to 25,000 AUC: USD $ 700 USD / Month.
- Up to 50,000 AUC: USD $ 1,300 USD / Month.

What are the eligibility requirements for a WhatsApp account?

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