How covid crisis is pushing forward digital transformation?

With the recent global epidemic of Covid-19, many large companies are experiencing peak number of messages in support and customer service.

One of our largest customer, which has a Chatbot we developed for them has increased nearly 10X the amount of the daily messages they receive on social media channels. And that happened in less than 10 days!

Thanks to our software, they can scale the customer support quickly. And a similar situation has happened with many of our customers so we are experiencing 30% monthly growth in our enterprise sales during this crisis time because of huge raise in demand of automation solutions like Adereso Helpdesk.

But what happened to other companies? All the other large corporations that still use contact centers or call center, their costs went through the roof and could not scale their customer service to meet the demands of the crisis situation.

Now translate this unexpected growth in customer service demands, to a health institution or local government that has to communicate fast and cheaply with thousands of citizens reaching at the same time… with contact centers they saturate the lines and quickly problems scalate before they could provide an answer.

So in Adereso Helpdesk we propose a solution that all Health institutions, Hospitals, Clinics and Municipalities can use our software for free during the Covid-19 crisis to help them communicate with thousands of people at the same time on digital channels people use: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email and others.

That is our story of how Covid-19 crisis is pushing forward digital transformation.