We create technology that helps to have more satisfied customers

PostCenter is an online help desk to assist customers across online and mobile chats, online forums, emails, social media and mobile messaging.
Online builder of chatbots that automatically assists clients accross online and mobile chats, emails, social media and mobile messaging and applications.

Customer Service in the Digital Era

Our products and services are characterised by their rapid adoption and suitability to the needs of each company.

We incorporate technology and knowledge so that companies can innovate and advance towards the digital transformation of their customer service.


We make it possible for companies to offer a better customer service that is faster, easier and cheaper, both for themselves and for their clients.

As important as it is to open up to the digital world in order to assist clients, it is equally important to have the tools to measure, in real time, the effectiveness and quality of that assistance.

We adapt our tools and services to the specific needs of each company, in a way that adds all the value they require.

We assure that all of our tools offer an excellent experience and are user-friendly to all people that use them.


We guide all companies in how to manage the transition of starting to assisting clients online..

Those that have trusted in us

Our tools and services have allowed a number of diverse companies to digitise their customer service.

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We have appeared in multiple media channels, talking about and sharing our knowledge on the evolution of a customer service digitised.

Our Team

We are a company that is highly experienced in technology and in the ‘know how’ to convert your company into a role model in terms of online customer service.

Daniel Beth

Co-founder and CEO

Camilo López

Camilo López

Co-founder and PostCenter’s CTO

Sergio Mass

BotCenter’s CTO

Francisco Pinto

Francisco Pinto

Comercial Manager

Rodrigo Guerra


Michel Llorens


José Moreno


Ariel Cáceres


Carolina Nazar

Accounts Manager

Orlimar Cordero

Administrative Assistant

Francisco Romero

Business Developer

Beatriz Mederos

Quality Assurance

Álvaro Del Real

Chief Marketing

Diego Sánchez

Support Assistant

Valentina Pizarro

Support Assistant

Jaime Arias

UX / UI Designer

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Avenida General Ramón Corona 2514, Nuevo México, 45138 Zapopan, Jalisco, Guadalajara, México.


(+56) 2 2982 8723 / (+56) 2 2982 8728 (Chile)

(+51) 971 432 903 (Perú)

(+52) 1 33 2718 4232 (México)

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