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Centralize your Sales, Service or Support channels on a single screen

Adereso Help Desk is the omnichannel platform that optimazes all your Customer Experience processes by reducing costs, automating operations, and controlling your team's performance.

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Connect the most popular channels to our App

With our ticket system, no message is left unanswered. Offer personalized attention for each case. You'll be able to connect Facebook, Messenger, Chat en Vivo, E-mail, Twitter, WhatsApp and more altogether.

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WhatsApp Business API is not available in the trial period. It is necessary to contract our Pro Plan or Enterprise Plan.

Natural conversations

Never lose context

With our helpdesk you will never lose the thread of the conversation. Each ticket has a record of conversations, so you won't have to ask the same question twice.

Omnichannel Platform

Unifying tickets from different channels is easy with Adereso Helpdesk, take the conversation from one channel to another with our omnichannel function without any trouble.

Add multimedia content to each conversation

Send and receive images or files, such as a screenshot or a Facebook sticker. Adereso Helpdesk makes your conversations more dynamic.

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"About our experience with Adereso, I highlight how they combine the service of their great technology and the human labor behind to support any necessity we have. When incidents occur, they develop proactive solutions and keep us not only informed but also trained so we can keep on offering the best experience to our clients. Their strong suit lies in the technology and support they provide.”

Felipe Toro
Head of E-commerce Experience

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Fast and efficient support

Access to our Helpcenter

Access tutorials, guidelines, webinars and frequently asked questions when you need it, without additional costs.

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Live chat support

Availability of our support team through our live chat on the platform.

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A platform you can trust

We report any type of incidents on the platform, as well as live service status updates.

If your company receives multiple messages per day, Adereso Helpdesk is the solution you need.

Our Helpdesk, working along with WhatsApp Business API, is the only solution on the market, centralizing all digital contact channels.

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WhatsApp Business API is not available in the trial period. It is necessary to contract the Pro Plan or Enterprise Plan.