Communicate with your customers through their favorite digital channels

Improve response time, measure the performance of your team and provide support through Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Correo electrónico, Live Chat o Instagram or through WhatsApp Business API.


Take customer service to another level

Ticket management system

Our software converts all your messages into tickets in such a way that you can keep a record of each of your conversations.

respuestas rapidas
Quick and automatic responses

Save repetitive responses and reuse them with the most common tickets.

Performance metrics

Observe relevant graphs such as response times, tickets addressed or the general performance of the team and take control of the quality of your service.

historial de tickets
Conversation history

Have access to questions, problems or previous preferences of your customers with the history of each ticket available in all channels.

Role customization of your agents

Grant permissions or responsibilities according to the roles of your team.

asignación inteligente de tickets
Intelligent ticket assignment

Manage actions by executive or by accounts, observe the tickets open for each element, assign tickets in order of arrival, or by tickets awaiting for response.

More natural conversations

Never lose context

With our helpdesk you will never lose the thread of the conversation. Each ticket has a record of conversations, so you will never have to ask the same question twice.

Omnichannel Platform

Unifying tickets from different channels is easy with Adereso Helpdesk, take the conversation from one channel to another with our omnichannel function without any trouble.

Add multimedia content to each conversation

Send and receive images or files, such as a screenshot or a Facebook sticker. Adereso Helpdesk makes your conversations more dynamic.

plataforma omnicanal

WhatsApp Business API Integration

Connect the most popular channel

Serve your customers through the most popular channel in LATAM using Adereso Helpdesk in the Pro plan mode, raise the quality of your pre-sale, sale and after-sales processes.

Send proactive messages (HSM)

Send reminders, notifications, status changes, or any other informational message to multiple clients.

1 single number, multiple agents

WhatsApp Business API allows you to serve multiple devices with multiple agents with a single number, in this way your Attention or Support will reach the next level.

integracion whatsapp business api

Fast and efficient support

Access to our Helpcenter

Access tutorials, guidelines, webinars and frequently asked questions when you need it, without additional costs.

chat en vivo
Live chat Support

Availability of our support team through our live chat on the platform.

A platform you can trust

We report any type of incidents on the platform, as well as live service status updates.

If your company receives multiple messages per day, Adereso is the solution you need.

Our Helpdesk, working along with WhatsApp Business API, is the only solution on the market, centralizing all digital contact channels.