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Helping improve your customer experience is our passion.

We make people love the companies of which they are customers We created software as a service (SaaS) more than 5 years ago, which allows companies to improve and automate the attention of their customers through Internet communication channels, from their social networks, even WhatsApp numbers, chats on websites, among others.


More than 30 people with a lot in common.

Happy, technology lovers and eager to reach the whole world. We are fascinated by how digital technologies impact everyday life, and we are convinced that conversations between people and companies will increasingly take place over the Internet.

equipo adereso helpdesk

Philosophy oriented to get the best out of your company.

We believe in customer-centricity and that the relationship between companies and people is a continuous journey that must have the best experience.

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Some companies that already trust our software

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AgrosuperBanmedicaBCIClinica MEDSessalesvalgildemeisteraguas andinasaudiomusicacencosudcorfointervalkonstruyendo.comtelsursura seguros


We were born in the homes of our founders, and now we have offices in Chile, Mexico and the USA, with clients from different industries present in more than 5 Latin American countries.

Santiago helpdesk

Santiago, Chile.

Huelén 11, oficina 401, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

mexico helpdesk

Guadalajara, México.

Av. Providencia 2411, Piso 3, Providencia, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

USA helpdesk

Berkeley, USA.

University of California, Berkeley
2150 Shattuck Avenue, Penthouse
Berkeley, CA.

If your company receives multiple messages per day, Adereso Helpdesk is the solution you need.

Our Helpdesk, working along with WhatsApp Business API, is the only solution on the market, centralizing all digital contact channels.

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WhatsApp Business API is not available in the trial period. It is necessary to contract the Pro Plan or Enterprise Plan.